10 Keyboards to Boost Your Setup

In this quick post we gather the best looking, bet performance, best overall small keyboards. There was no real determination of what should and should not enter this list at first, we simply collected the ones we knew you would like for sure. What made it to the list are mostly TKL or 60% wireless keyboards with focus on looks and build quality, with no real budget.

This is not a guide for a professional gamer nor a coder but these keyboards won’t let anyone down as most of them feature high quality mechanical switches, from cherry redr, browns or blues. If you are aiming to buy any of these, open the links and do a deeper search on what they offer, as we will only take on a superficial look into them.

10 keyboards to boost your setup


This is one of our absolute favourites. The clean design with high profile mechanical switches make this keyboard great for any kind of use. It has wireless and wired modes and is suitable for all operating systems and you can connect it on up to 3 devices simustaniosly. It has 2 simple color schemes that makes this keyboard standout.

10 keyboards to boost your setup


This wireless TKL keyboard focus on performance and style. It features well designed keycaps for more ergonomic typing experience as well as amazing RBG lighting with dedicated software for customization. Ducky is also one of our favourite brands, you should definetly check out their online shop for other models with amazing color layouts and limited editions.

10 keyboards to boost your setup


One of the smallest designs we selcted. Anne Pro 2 is a wired and wireless keyboard with customizable RBG lighting and removable mechanical switches and keycaps. Its monolithic frame makes it look blockier than the other keyboards, putting it, in our point of view, in a more gaming range over the Keychron for example.

10 keyboards to boost your setup
10 keyboards to boost your setup


We stumble across these 2 kickstart projects. They don’t have anything in common (considering brand aspects) but we felt both were heading for the same goal of retro aura so we decided to put them together here. Although the AJAZZ K620T is a more mobile, tablet focused keyboard with a built-in dock, it has the same mechanical switches as DURGOD and both can be used wired or wirelessly on any computer. They share that retro look but in slightly different manners, AJAZZ goes for a playful shape and color choices of the 90’s gear, DURAGOD has that 80’s “Stranger Things” look to it. Dispite being startup projects, they look like great keyboards and definetly worthy of your attention.

This is another section that features a wider range of variations on purposes and looks for keyboards that we also felt shouldn’t be left out of our list of good keyboards. These are for peoples with all tastes.

10 keyboards to boost your setup


Our last crowdfunding keyboard project. The simplest you can get. It is a clean keyboard with low profile mechanical switches that “enables peak performance everywhere”. It has wireless connectivity and RGB lighting packed in a machined aluminum case making it a state of the art keyboard with top materials offered right now.

10 keyboards to boost your setup


Corsair went for a full entertainment control system with this one. This keyboard is the one to have on your living room to control your TV, your Playstation and mybe even your fridge. In its slick aluminum case it boosts a functional TKL keyboard as well as a touchpad with left and right buttons, volume controler and other media switches. It sure is a different take on other Corsair equipment usually turned to gaming experiences.

10 keyboards to boost your setup


If you love logitech gear just like us, you propably know this one already. Logitech Craft is basically a Logitech MX Keys with an inbuild “Creative Input Dial” that lets you manage different settings in different software. It may seem like a basic switch, but it is made to increase productivity “giving you instant access to specific functions for the task at hand.” But lets not forget the keyboard itself. It features low keycaps with confortable design, made for great office typing and “hand-on” creative software usage.

10 keyboards to boost your setup


And this is logitech’s take on portable keyboards. This small dimension keyboard, as most of logitech’s new gear, can be connected simultaniously on up to 3 devices. It is a seamless blend of retro with new design, with round keys that make it look like an old typewriter.

10 keyboards to boost your setup


The Lofree mechanical keyboard is the extra for our list. If Logitech’s K380 resembled a typewriter, this one is the typewriter. But it is a futuristic one. It is beatufully designed overall, it features high round keycaps with backlight mechanical switches. This one also has a nice variety of well picked color schemes, but you have to be constaly aware of its online shop as it is almost always sold out.

We got 2 honorable mentions here:
For the Low-budget gamer: REDDRAGON K522
For the Customization geek: KUMO


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