5 iPhone’s Homescreen Setup Ideas for the New iOS 14 Features

Even though this feature has been around for some time, lots of people are using the launch of iOS 14 to trick out their iPhone’s homepage look and customize their app icons. That’s all thanks to iOS 14’s App Library and some creative use of the Shortcuts app.

Here’s how you can costumize your iPhone’s homescren: You move your apps off your pages to your App Library, then create shortcuts to launch each individual app instead.

In other words, launch Shortcuts and tap on + > Add Action > Scripting > Open App, and then tap on Choose to pick the app you want to use the shortcut to open. Once you’ve tapped forward to name the shortcut (or leave it without name if you want a clean and minimal look), you can tap the shortcut’s triple-dot icon, tap the triple-dot icon that appears again, and then tap on Add to Home Screen.

We’ve rounded up 5 of the most clean, interesting, and creative iPhone’s homescreen customizations to help you out. If you have one you’re especially proud of, drop us an image link in the comments bellow.


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