42 Most Beautiful Chest Tattoos for Women

In the past few years, chest tattoos for women have become more widely accepted, and more women are starting to get them. A chest tattoo for women is a great location to show off your tattoo, whether its a small or big tattoo, the chest is a fantastic place to do so. The middle of the chest and breast might be the most common place among women, but the upper chest and under the breast are also pretty common places too. What’s good about chest tattoos is that you can’t go wrong with any of the styles mentioned in this article, as they will all do a fantastic job of highlighting the chest area with sparkling style. Make sure to find the best artist to ink this visible and attention grabber area of your body.

Check out the most beautiful chest tattoos for women right now to help your creativity and help you find something inspirational.

Small Chest Tattoos

Small tattoos on the chest might be the perfect option for a first women’s tattoo because they not only look elegant and subtle but also because it’s a wide area of the body that might hurt a bit less. It’s also a good idea if you are not sure about what tattoo to get, or if you re unsure about the pain tolerance, small is the way to go.

Flower Chest Tattoos

Flower tattoos are a delicate and sophisticated tattoo design for women. Your tattoo will look fantastic if you select a nice and simple pattern, and floral designs are typically an excellent method to achieve that.

Inbetween Breast Tattoos

Some women opt to pick an in-between breast tattoo, and they look sexy and cute. Because of the narrow space, you have to go for a vertical tattoo, which may include flowers, roses, floral, a moon, a butterfly, dragonfly, and so on.

Under Breast Tattoos

Under breast tattoos are becoming more popular among women and it’s an excellent option if you don’t want your design to be visible all the time. It’s a beautiful place to work with bigger tattoos, with the focus point in the middle.

Middle Chest Tattoos

A middle chest tattoo, similar to an in-between breast tattoo, may look delicate and cute. It’s a wider area, so you can get creative with it, or just ink a small tattoo.

Full Chest Tattoos

Full chest tattoos are not only for men and they can also look really great on women. Those women that are passionate about inking, may appreciate the content of getting a full chest tattoo, while if you are still new to tattooing, go for a simpler design before committing to such a large tattoo.

Heart Chest Tattoos

If you don’t want something too elaborate, a tiny heart tattoo is ideal. A heart tattoo is typically placed behind the collarbone, towards the shoulder. Consider where your clothes straps will be and if you want it to be buried behind them or slightly to the side.

Cute Chest Tattoos

Choosing a cute chest tattoo might be difficult if you are unsure of what style you want. To make it simpler, consider feminine things and symbols that you find lovely in your daily life. Flowers, butterflies, moons, and hearts are common symbols of this, and they also make for cute tattoos.

Minimal Chest Tattoos

A minimalist chest tattoo may be the best tattoo for you. Minimalist tattoos are modern and trendy nowadays and you can consider a small shape, a phrase, or a modest portrayal of a more complex animal. Minimalist tattoos are usually small and very simple using black lines to keep the design clean and minimal.

Geometric Chest Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are a popular style because they give a feeling of balance symmetry and sometimes even mystery. Geometric tattoos can go from completely abstract shapes to a design of something that has meaning to you, like a person, an animal, or an object.

Rose Chest Tattoos

A rose tattoo is a common design that symbolizes beauty and balance. The blossom itself is attractive to look at, but the thorns may be dangerous. The color of your bloom has a message as well; red denotes passion and love, whilst yellow denotes friendship or joy. Black roses, on the other hand, are associated with sadness and stand out on the skin, whilst white flowers might represent new beginnings and innocence.

Tribal Chest Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are getting more popular. Tribal designs have become masterpieces and it will look awesome in your chest as it will cover it up. Tribal tattoos are typically bigger and should be preserved as near to its original history as possible, so consider how it would fit best in this location before having it done.

Dragonfly Chest Tattoos

Dragonfly tattoos symbolize rebirth and changes in your life, whether it’s your age change, lifestyle change, or inner awakening for example. Dragonfly tattoos not only have a deep meaning behind them but also they look so beautiful.

Moon Chest Tattoos

The meaning of a moon tattoo varies depending on the type of moon. In general, the moon is a feminine emblem that represents eternity, time, and nature’s dark side. In astrology, it’s also a sign of the soul. A crescent moon, on the other hand, has special significance since it symbolizes a period of change. Waxing moons represent expansion and innovation, while waning moons represent release and introspection.

Snake Chest Tattoos

Snakes tattoos are among the most popular tattoos because they are versatile. They can literally be adapted to fit any place of your body and come in a broad range of styles to suit every women’s taste.

Cross Chest Tattoos

Cross tattoos are generally associated with religion and faith, and they are a wonderful way to express your faith. It can also signify Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for the welfare of humanity, and so be connected with unconditional love and devotion.

Collar Bone Tattoos

Getting a collar bone tattoo might look really subtle and beautiful. Flowers, vines, arrows, feathers, or even a phrase might be used. However, you should choose a pattern that sits lengthwise to suit neatly in this location.

Chest Tattoos For Women Frequently Asked Questions

Do chest tattoos hurt?

The amount of pain in chest tattoos is determined by the skin and your frame. A person with a sturdy build and a lot of flesh on their chest will be able to take the discomfort with ease. However, people with a thin physique and a boney chest may find the tattoo uncomfortable. This is because the flesh acts as a cushion for the force of the needle, preventing it from striking the bones and causing pain.
If you are unsure about the pain, you should begin with a small tattoo for women to get a feeling. You may also talk to your tattoo artist about it before doing it.

Are chest tattoos for women safe?

The chest is a great place for a tattoo and it’s just like any other place of your body to get it. Although, when tattooing closer to the breast, even though a mammography will not detect the majority of breast tattoos, there are a few ways that breast tattoos might interfere with imaging: tattoos can cause granulomas or keloids on the skin. Calcifications can occur beneath the skin.

How long does a chest tattoo take to heal?

A tattoo generally takes within 1-2 weeks to look healed, but it takes a few more weeks to fully heal at all levels of the skin. The length of time it takes to heal depends on the type of ink, the style, and the size. Even though your tattoo will seem healed before that time, fully mending all the layers of damaged skin might take up to four months. The healing process is dependent on a person’s immune system, capacity to fight infections, and post-operative care, including cleanliness and sun protection.

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