50 Best Hand Tattoos For Men

Hand tattoos for men are becoming increasingly popular, although keep in mind that getting a hand tattoo is a lot of commitment. Even if you wear a long-sleeved shirt, your hands will be always visible, unless you use gloves. Hand tattoos are frequently used to convey personal sentiments, motivational or inspiring tattoos that go beyond power and masculinity.

Check out the best hand tattoos for men right now to help your creativity and help you find something inspirational.

Cool Hand Tattoos for Men

There are many cool hand tattoos designs but keep in mind that, once you’ve decided on the drawing you want, you’ll need to find an artist who is capable of working in this difficult location of the hand.

Top of the Hand Tattoos

Top of the hand tattoos are the most common ones, especially because a big part of those tattoos are an extension of the forearm tattoo, but also because it’s the wider area of the hand to put a design on.

Side of the Hand Tattoos

For a men seeking to create a distinctive and slightly visible tattoo statement, side hand tattoos are a wonderful location. People who wish to continuously remind themselves of an important value, message, or person in their lives typically get a side hand tattoo.

Palm Tattoos for Men

Palm tattoos have a reputation for being quite an endurance challenge, making them a great choice for any self-proclaimed daredevil. If you have a high pain threshold, try one complex design, otherwise choose a simpler one or just don’t make a tattoo there! Each hand can have two parts of a symmetrical piece or identically matched symbols.

Full Hand Tattoos

Full hand tattoos look simply awesome, but before making one you have to deeply think about it because once you made it, you have to commit to it. Find more ideas here: tattoo ideas for men

Finger Tattoos

Even though finger tattoos may have a reputation for being reserved for rebels, they can be entirely customized and you can have one in practically any style.

Knuckles Tattoos

Wether it’s a word or meaningful symbols, you can tattoo your knuckles to transmit a message once you close your fingers. Bear in mind that if you opt for a word tattoo, you are restricted with 8 characters.

Small Hand Tattoos

Single letters, words that move with the sinews, a pattern tattoo on a finger, and a variety of other things can be tattooed on the hand. The main thing to remember is that bold is the way to go for a tattoo that will last for years.

Japanese Hand Tattoos

Japanese tattoos, or tradionaly also known as Irezumi tattoos, is a body decoration style based in mythical beats, flowers, leafs, and other designs from stories and myths.


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Rose Hand Tattoos

Rose tattoos are frequently used in body art because they are visually attractive and have a lot of meaning. The bloom is a popular option because of its flexibility and is typically linked with love, beauty, and fresh beginnings. There are many various styles and techniques to pick from, and the significance of your ink might alter based on the design you choose.

Animal Hand Tattoos

It’s hard to go wrong with a animal hand tattoo design as animals are pretty common in the tattoo world. You can opt to tattoo a wild animal or your domestic pet, and they can have different meanings depending on the message you want to give and your personality.

Lion Hand Tattoos

Lions are also one of the most popular animals to tattoo. Lion tattoos are meant to mean power and strength, but they can give different messages depending on how you design it. If you tattoo a roaring lion then you are for sure transmitting how powerful you are.

Skull Hand Tattoo

Skull tattoos can be as realistic or as imaginative as you wish to be. Skulls can represent death and destruction, but it also has many additional connotations, in reality, depending on the skull design, skull tattoos can represent a number of things.

Minimal Hand Tattoos

Minimal tattoos are a excellent and cool alternative for hand tattoos, especially if you are getting your first tattoo, you might opt for something minimal with less details. You can still design anything, the design will just be minimal.

Geometric Hand Tattoos

Why not get a unique and good looking geometric tattoo? Geometric tattoo designs appear as more contemporary and are highly attention-getting as you can see from the examples below.

Quote Hand Tattoos

Quote tattoos are timeless and you can choose from a simple word, a song lyric, words of wisdom and motivation. There are ilimited quote tattoos possibilities with all sorts of inspiring topics.

Compass Hand Tattoos

The compass tattoo has long been a favorite among navy officers, sailors, fisherman and other individuals who enjoy the sea. While some people believe that getting a nautical compass tattoo would help them return home, it’s safe to say that getting a great tattoo is always a badass way to show off your personality.

Realistic Hand Tattoos

Realistic tattoos are becoming increasingly better and these have a lot of potential, demonstrating that ink evoluting everyday. Beautiful realistic tattoo designs are making their way into the fine art world.

Hand Tattoos Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hand Tattoos Hurt?

The top of the hand, the palm, and the fingers are common tattoo locations, however, getting a tattoo anywhere on your hands may be quite painful. The skin is very thin there, and it contains numerous nerve endings that might cause pain if a tattoo needle strikes them. Furthermore, when nerves in your hands and feet are irritated by a tattoo needle, they may experience severe spasms, making the tattooing process extremely uncomfortable. If you are unsure about the pain, you should begin with a small tattoo to get a feeling. You may also talk to your tattoo artist about it before doing it.

Do Hand Tattoos last?

Tattoos on your hands fade more quickly than tattoos on other parts of your body because you use and wash your hands much more frequently and the skin on your hands will be always changing. Despite that, it does not negate the fact that hand tattoos are still permanent.

Are hand tattoos considered unprofessional?

While hand and finger tattoos are not prohibited in the United States, some tattoo artists have internal regulations in their shops prohibiting tattooing in exposed locations. Some tattoo artists are against hand tattoos (and others like in the face) since they might significantly affect a person’s professional life. As a result, tattoo artists will decline to tattoo design in the hand.


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