Minimal Architecture – Pia Pivec

Minimal Architecture - Pia Pivec

Artist: Pia Pivec

Instagram: @piapi.a


Who is Pia Pivec?

I am Pia Pivec, a mixed media artist. After graduating college with a degree in “Product Design”, I completed my Bachelors degree in “Informationdesign”, and then went on to graduate as “Master of Arts” in the field of “Communication Design” at the FH Joanneum – University of Applied Sciences in Graz.

My operating fields lie within my passions, a mixture between art, architecture, typography, and graphic design. I draw my inspiration from minimalistic design approaches and collage work, and in my graphic designs, I incorporate an artistic or analog influence.

In this digital age, rediscovering other techniques, or allowing an analog approach, can be key to unique form language. I create minimalistic high-quality brandings and campaigns with a unique design footprint.

Minimal Architecture - Pia Pivec

What is the ‘Collage Art’ concept?

I was always inspired by the thought of creating. To me creating is power (in a positive way), because you can change perspective and maybe even open peoples eyes. You can show people things that they have not seen or give them the opportunity of understanding. 

I am combining my passion for photography with my profession of graphic design. Pursuing the concept of putting a three dimensional object (Architecture/Photography) in a two dimensional space (Graphic).

Also picking certain details of my surroundings and emphasizing them. In this way, the photo becomes almost an illusion of an illustration because it is still a picture but the graphic edit behind it makes it appear to be an illustration.  

What’s your creative process?

I like to explore and take long walks with my camera, where I visit certain areas or even new cities. It keeps my mind open and alert to new surroundings and allows me to perceive new details.

After that, I do a selection of the images I have taken and edit these in light and perspective before I create a collage of the subjects.

Later on, I print them as fine-art prints on structured paper. Here the process includes putting a two dimensional subject in three dimensions again.


In my surroundings and new cities/ areas mostly. Also by exchanging with different artists and designers. 

Pursue what you enjoy, experiment, and try to combine different things to become a new output. Also, be open minded, thrive on ideas and thoughts and welcome criticism and feedback with open arms. 

Minimal Architecture - Pia Pivec


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