28 Most Beautiful Moon Tattoo Ideas

Moon tattoos are one of the unique tattoo designs in the ink art world. The moon is one of the celestial bodies, and they generally symbolize growth and transition. Ancient Mythology has studied the moon in relation to feminine divinity due to its ritualistic adoration as a female deity for thousands of years. The moon tattoos can be paired with different symbols, and each shape of the moon or mythological image has a significant meaning. Whether it’s the Rose Moon, Geometric Moon, Black Moon or the Sun and Moon, you’d be sure to find a design that suits your personality.

In this post, we are going to talk about different Moon Tattoo Ideas and their significance. In addition, there are pictures below to help you pick the suitable design from all the meaningful moon tattoos.

Crescent Moon Tattoos                 

The Crescent moon tattoo holds a vital significance as it symbolizes motherhood and fertility. It can be classified as a sacred tattoo relating to life and death. Other significant symbols that have been attached to the moon and star tattoo are intuitiveness, psyche and empowerment. In some cultures, this sacred tattoo can also mean good luck.

Full Moon Tattoos

The full moon tattoo is a unique design to get inked on your body, preferably on a wider skin surface. The full moon is the brightest form of the moon, and it stands as a symbol of completion, abundance and transformation. The captivating feature of the full moon tattoo is that it can be merged with other elements, portraying its unique beauty and purpose; this is the perfect tattoo if you’re finally letting go of all negativity.

Moon Phases Tattoos

The moon phases tattoo has an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It significantly represents birth, death and reincarnation. The moon phase tattoos consist of 8 phases; New moon, waxing crescent moon, first quarter, waxing moon, full moon, waning moon, third quarter and waning crescent moon. If you have a thing for the concept of mortality, then this would be an ink job you would appreciate having on your skin. As an aesthetic art, the moon phases tattoo is an art to get inked on your body.

Sun and Moon Tattoos

Are you looking for one of the powerful Moon Tattoo ideas? Then this is a fit for you right here. The matching sun and moon tattoos symbolise two opposing forces, and it is known to represent life. The world has good tidings as well as evil occurrences, and both come together to form the concept of life. This tattoo is the right choice if you have something powerful going on.

Moon and Stars Tattoos

One thing the moon and the stars have in common is their ability to brighten and beautify the night sky. This would be pictured as a tattoo with an exhilarating presence. The moon and stars tattoo symbolises light, and it could match up with a lively personality. The moon and star tattoo often represent the “mother and her babies” symbol; this means you can also get this ink job if you choose to honour the ones you love dearly.

Small Moon Tattoos

Creativity is one of the symbols a moon represents, and this spreads right to the varieties of designs moon tattoos can take form. The small moon design is very simple, yet creative. They can be used as a design for ankle tattoos, wrist tattoos and other unique pieces of attractiveness to any part of the body. The small moon tattoo would definitely make a good first-time tattoo, and it can symbolise any special milestone of your life.

Black Moon Tattoos

The Black moon tattoo is rare and has an aura of mystery surrounding its appearance. It can be called the dark moon, and it has been studied to appear only once every 33months. Some cultures relate this moon to darkness or evil, while others see the black moon as the end of troubling times. However, this doesn’t stop the beauty of the black moon tattoo, as it would portray a cool and mysterious ink job on your skin.

Watercolour Moon Tattoos

The watercolour moon tattoo holds a lot of magical and attractive appearance. This moon tattoo can take any shape, and it can be inked on any part of the body. It is known as the most creative of all moon tattoo designs. If you appreciate colours and magical appearances, this design is the right choice.

Cat and Moon Tattoos

Most times, when you picture a cat and the moon image, it depicts black magic or witchcraft. Usually, the cat sits on the crescent moon; and it is always interpreted as a powerful symbol irrespective of how you see it. The symbol can also be associated with transition, luck, mystery and, in some cases, death. However, this design will hit the bullseye as a chest tattoo or forearm tattoo for women.

Rose Moon Tattoos

The rose tattoo and the moon tattoo are two different beautiful concepts, but when they come together, they form a magnificent piece of art. The significance of the rose represents a blooming flower which stands for a start of a new life. The moon coming together with the flower enhances this new growth and transition. This is an attractive piece that would be fit for a forearm tattoo or back tattoo in bringing out the details.

Geometric Moon Tattoos

There have been various creative ways to portray tattoos on your body, and the moon tattoo has also developed in this course. A geometric moon tattoo is created by using symmetrical lines and details to form the moon. This tattoo gives a unique and modern sense of attraction. So if you are looking to go for something trendy and unique, this is the right choice.

Minimalist Moon Tattoos

Trendy, modern, simple and clean; these are the packages that come with a Minimalist moon tattoo. If you are probably sceptical or nervous about getting a large ink job, you can take things slow with the Minimalist moon designs. They do not need so much detail but are great for representing a simple but significant memory.

Frequently Asked Questions on Moon Tattoos

What does a moon tattoo mean?

The moon tattoo can stand for a new beginning, light and admiration, and a strong will. It can also be seen as a feminine tattoo representing motherhood and fertility. In Christianity, the moon represents cosmic events and mystical occurrences in relation to the profound nature of life.

What does a crescent moon tattoo mean?

The Crescent moon tattoo embraces feminine empowerment. This is the moon tattoo that specifically represents motherhood and fertility. It has also been known to represent growth and manifestations.

What does a sun and moon tattoo mean?

A sun and moon tattoo represents two opposing forces. In most cases, it can be seen as a tattoo that symbolizes the unity of opposites. It can stand for the concept of good and evil, life and death and the unity of femininity and masculinity. The representation of the sun and moon tattoo depends on your belief.

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