Shopify vs WordPress – Which one is the best for Ecommerce?

Normally you ask yourself, why would I pay for Shopify if I can go free with WordPress?

The truth is that it’s not like that.

It’s fair enough to say that overtime WordPress (WooCommerce) could be cheaper (depending on the project) since Shopify’s lower plan is $29/mo + 2% for each sale/payment on the store.

The only thing people always forget to talk about is that Shopify is a hosted solution, meaning that the website will be running on their websites, costing you $0 on hosting. 

On WordPress, you have to pay for web hosting, which for example WP Engine costs $30/mo.

Plus, you need a Web Developer/Designer to build the website, in case you don’t have this type of skill. 

So who wins in a battle of Shopify vs WordPress for Ecommerce?

My opinion as a real user of Shopify and WordPress

Since I’ve used both for personal and company projects, I have to say that Shopify is so easy and fast to build an online store. I’ve built online stores for myself within 3 days, no joking.

It’s really intuitive, everything is very straightforward.

Paulo Sá

On other hand, I’ve used WordPress, which is a little bit harder to configure, design, develop, setup, etc. 

WordPress has the advantage that you have several plugins for whatever functionality you need, and that’s a big plus. 

Shopify has it also, but most of them are paid with no free version. Actually, I would say 95% of them.

Security & Maintenance

While on Shopify you don’t have to do any security and maintenance work, you should trust them as they will keep their software up to date and secure.

On WordPress, you have to pay someone to update PHP versions, WordPress version, plugin versions, server-side maintenance, etc. So you still have to pay for some maintenance.

When should you use Shopify?

  • When you don’t have any website building skills (coding and design primarily) and you don’t want to pay anybody to do it for you.
  • When you don’t have a website yet, and you need an online shop fast. Use it if you don’t have any kind of website, and you want to launch a quality e-commerce store fast.
Shopify VS WordPress - Which one is best for Ecommerce?

When should you use WordPress?

  • When you want to have 100% control in each aspect of building a website (hosting, security, coding, design, etc)
  • When you already are familiar with the WordPress platform
Shopify VS WordPress - Which one is best for Ecommerce?

So, Shopify or WordPress?

They are both different. Both serve different projects.

IMO, time is money, so I would prefer to set up a quick online store on Shopify and start selling ASAP.

Start generating traffic, data from users, which products sell or not, etc.

The only time I would use WordPress is if I had a very big project with an established team of developers to do it so.

Shopify is a big facilitator for entrepreneurs, local, small, and medium businesses, as we are seeing since COVID-19 started.

That’s it!


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