30 Best Side Wrist Tattoos Ideas

Side wrist tattoos are becoming more popular among those who like small but meaningful tattoos. Since it’s a quite visible area of the body, you have to commit to the tattoo, and if you are proud of it, it’s a good location to show it off. Side wrist tattoos are frequently used to convey personal sentiments, minimal and small tattoo designs or just a simple word and keep in mind that it is a narrow area.

Check out the best side wrist tattoos right now to help your creativity and help you find something inspirational.

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Solar System Side Wrist Tattoos

Solar system tattoos tend to look really cool and minimal but they also have a lot of meanings behind them. For some people means they love the space, for others, it means they are dreamers, curious, religious, etc. There is a variety of ways you can design a solar system tattoo as you don’t have to put all the existent planets.

Arrow Side Wrist Tattoos

Arrow tattoos have a lot of metaphorical meaning and they are admired by both expert tattoo artists and beginners. Because of their long, thin, and angular shape, arrows look excellent on your side wrist.

Anchor Side Wrist Tattoos

The anchor tattoo is a traditional design that means protection and homecoming. This makes it an excellent tattoo for anyone who has recently returned from a long vacation or who lives in a different nation.

Cross Side Wrist Tattoos

A cross tattoo will look great on the side wrist because it’s narrow and it fits perfectly the place. A cross will remind you of your spiritual connection.

Birds Side Wrist Tattoos

Bird tattoos are quite popular for women and they are frequently connected with feelings of mental and physical liberation. There are a variety of designs, each with its own connotation, but the basic notion is that winged creatures are associated with self-control and independence.

Butterfly Side Wrist Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are a delightful sign of femininity, freedom, and transformation. A butterfly tattoo carefully placed on your body will bring attention and highlight your already gorgeous features.

Angel Wings Side Wrist Tattoos

Angel wing tattoos can symbolize a variety of things, such as freedom, faith, and protection. For some, they are a memorial to a departed loved one – a “guardian angel”. Others see them as symbols of Christian faith and how it reminds them of their higher selves.

Rose Side Wrist Tattoos

Rose tattoos mean beauty, love, among other things. You can be creative and compel it with other symbols or quotes, dates, etc. to create a powerful depiction of feelings and importance.

Roman Numerals Side Wrist Tattoos

From special dates to a meaningful tradition, you can mark it into your body with a roman numeral tattoo on the side of the wrist. This timeless design maintains the significance of the numbers visible to others on your wrist.

Quote Side Wrist Tattoos

Quote tattoos have the meaning you want to give them, as the real meaning will be in the quote itself. You can write a whole phrase, just a word, song lyrics, movie lines, or wise remarks may all be used to create a powerful and meaningful tattoo.

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Side Wrist Tattoos Frequently Asked Questions


Any tattoo is going to hurt to an extent, but wrist tattoo pain is usually worst compared to other body parts. One of the most painful regions to tattoo is the inner wrist. The needle and pressure are closer to your tendons and nerves because there is a marked lack of muscle and fatty tissue in the area. Furthermore, the skin in the affected area is thinner and more sensitive, adding to the discomfort.


The placement of a tattoo on your wrist can represent a variety of things. It can indicate connection because it’s one of the first things people notice when you wave or shake hands. Confidence and honesty. On the other hand, can entail wearing your heart on your sleeve and not hiding anything. The inner wrist is also seen to be a very spiritual spot, therefore it’s an excellent place to put a design that means a lot to you.


The length of time it takes to heal varies on a variety of circumstances (your health, how well you care of the skin, etc), but in general, you should expect to wait 6 months before declaring yourself healed. It will normally take 2 to 3 weeks for you to be able to immerse it in water.

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