170 Most Original Tattoo Ideas For Men in 2024

Nowadays, for many men getting a tattoo is still a no-brainer. While deciding to go under the needle may be simple, deciding what to be tattooed on your body and where to get it done might be difficult. There are amazing tattoos for men out there for every taste, from complex artwork to basic and simple designs. It’s critical to approach the procedure deliberately if you don’t want to regret your tattoo in the future.

Check out the most popular tattoo ideas for men in 2024 right now to help your creativity, find the latest tattoo trends and inspiration.

Our Favorite Tattoo Ideas for Men in 2024

Small Tattoos

Small tattoos are gaining popularity in recent years because you don’t have to be constrained in terms of placement and size. You can get them tattooed behind your neck, on your finger, or somewhere more hidden like your feet. Small tattoos are usually more subtle, and present to be an excellent choice for those who don’t want a lot of attention. It’s also the best option for those who are getting their first tattoo and are unsure about the pain.

Minimalist Tattoos

In life, the simple things are the best, so if you believe in that, a minimalist tattoo is the style for you. Minimalist tattoos are all about simplifying the design using lines, minimum shading, and minimal details. Negative space not only adds appeal to your body art, but it also makes it less painful. Another advantage is that the tattoo session will be quicker and less expensive than if the artwork requires a lot of detail or color.

Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are the foundation for some of the greatest tattoos for men and some absolutely striking pictures. When choosing this type of design, think less about the message and more about the appearance.

Line Tattoos

A line tattoo is all about focusing on the essentials and producing something appealing with little detail. There are a multitude of possibilities available, with some individuals opting for solid black lines and others for a more abstract interpretation, but regardless of their fundamental shape, they all have a profound personal meaning. Due to the lack of shading, inking these parts into the skin should be less unpleasant.

Portrait Tattoos

Getting a meaningful portrait tattoo of a beloved person’s picture is one way to honor a significant person in your life. It’s a significant way to remind yourself of the person you chosen to ink, but bear in mind that this tattoo art requires a lot of skill from the artist.

Animal Tattoos

It makes sense to get an animal tattoo if you have a favorite species or are inspired by particular attributes that a creature is normally linked with.

Arrow Tattoos

Arrow tattoos have a lot of metaphorical meaning and they are admired by both expert tattoo artists and beginners. Because of their long, thin, and angular shape, you may consider inking a arrow tattoo on the forearm.

Lettering Tattoos

Lettering tattoos are simple, and it’s all about the style as well as the words, which might be the name of a loved one or a memorable location. The typeface and size utilized in each of these pieces is what distinguishes them, from common typefaces like Arial to more elaborate possibilities of calligraphy. The most important thing is to choose something that appeals to you while also emphasizing your tattoo.

Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos have a reputation for being gloomy and sinister, due to their association with death, but, on the other hand, skulls may be tattooed in a variety of styles, forms, and levels of personalization, making them more than just a stereotype. Skulls are also available in a variety of forms, as virtually every species, from people to animals.

Cross Tattoos

Many Christians choose the sacred emblem of the cross as their tattoo design as it symbolizes the essential aspect of the faith: Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for humanity’s salvation. A cross tattoo is not only spiritual and strong, but it can also be paired with a variety of other symbols and art styles to create a new meaning.

Star Tattoos

Stars may symbolize everything from good fortune to major life events. A star tattoo may be a great addition if you’re pondering contemplating life decisions, or it can simply be a a great addition if you are looking for a traditional and timeless design.

Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos typically have a deep emotional significance. Spirituality, protection, strength, love, or recollection of a loved one are just a few of them. While many angel tattoos are huge, you can choose a design that you like and scale it down. It’s possible that the design will need to be altered a little, but at the very least, it will be unique to you.

Music Tattoos

Music has a powerful ability to uplift, enhance emotions, and inspire people; this is especially true for individuals who play an instrument or simply have a great love and enthusiasm for songs and melodies. Your imagination is your limit when it comes to music tattoos; you may include other elements such as flowers, sheet music, and lyrics, or keep it basic.

Crown Tattoos

With a crown tattoo, you have two alternatives: you have the option of getting a black outline of a crown or making it detailed. Crown tattoos look fantastic; all you have to do now is select the best artist. In general, for the finest results, you should seek out someone who specializes in fine lines.

Car Tattoos

For men passionate about motor vehicles, a car tattoo can be an excellent and creative choice, whether you choose a design from your favorite car, the engine, or the need for speed, it’s entirely up to you.

Family Tattoos

With a family tattoo, you are showing your respect and love to the people who mean the most to you. You may choose from a variety of choices, including names, dates, and photographs, as well as crests, emblems, and family trees. It’s no wonder that one of the most frequent searches for guys is for family tattoo designs.

Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos are globally recognized, and there are several possibilities and styles to choose from; you may go for a realistic design or a more abstract one. The sign is most usually connected with love, but it may also represent courage or be inked as a memorial to memorialize departed loved ones. When it comes to these designs, color is also important, with black representing mourning and loss and red representing passion and desire.

Scorpion Tattoos

The scorpion symbolizes aggressiveness and power, being a really bold tattoo that will stand out no matter where it’s inked. The hyper-realistic representations of this frightening creature are the most terrifying, despite the fact that there are various methods to ink it.

Tribal Tattoos

In many cultures, getting a tribal tattoo is considered a rite of passage. Although things have changed it remains a strong symbol for anyone seeking a meaningful tattoo. Wrap the tribal artwork over your chest, or go full Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and wear it on your side of your chest sliding into the arm.

Snake Tattoos

Snake tattoos have been around for decades and because of the long size and the way it can be designed, the leg and arms are the best places to ink it. Snake tattoos are adaptable, and stylish, and you have a variety of serpents to select from, so you may pick your favorite.

Compass Tattoos

The compass tattoo has long been a favorite among navy officers, sailors, fishermen and other individuals who enjoy the sea. While some people believe that getting a nautical compass tattoo would help them return home, it’s safe to say that getting a great tattoo is always a badass way to show off your personality.

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf tattoos are emblems of the primordial force, and this powerful ferocity is aimed at men who understand the value of loyal allegiances. They’ll bring out the bravery of your personality, especially when their bold teeth are exposed to the world.

Phoenix Tattoos

A phoenix tattoo represents fresh life or rebirth. Phoenix tattoo may be a wonderful match if you’re moving on from something or making a significant shift in your life. They might be a small tattoo or large pieces that cover an arm or chest.

Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoos have always been a popular tattoo option among men. It’s not for nothing that they’re known as the King of the Jungle. They’re also instantly recognizable, making them suitable for a wide range of artistic styles, from photorealism to geometric lines.

Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos represent knowledge, strength, power, and good fortune. Dragons have varied meanings in different cultures, so your dragon tattoo design may be whatever you like. Even among Japanese and Chinese dragon tattoos, these mythological beasts may have a variety of meanings.

Mix Media Tattoos

Mixed media tattoos aren’t for everyone, but whether you like them or not, they’re still pieces of art in their own right. Mixed media tattoos will tick all the boxes for a genuinely unique tattoo that is bold, stunning, and all about the art.

Koi Fish Tattoos

A koi fish tattoo is an excellent choice and these patterns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own significance. A men may get it tattooed to symbolize strength and change after being inspired by the legend of the dragon koi. When it comes to getting a koi fish tattoo, the color is equally as essential as the design.

Medusa Tattoos

Medusa was a female monster with deadly snakes in her hair, according to the Greek mythology, and anybody who looked her in the eyes was instantaneously turned to stone. Although it is a horrific narrative, Medusa is now seen as a symbol of strength, mystery, jealousy, rebirth, and death. The beauty of this tattoo is that it is unique, and appealing to those who are looking for something unique and thought-provoking.

Wave Tattoos

Wave tattoos can be thrilling, awe-inspiring, or simply serene. You may just love watching them, or you may have developed a taste for surfing. Waves are enjoyed in a variety of ways. It may be because you enjoy taking long walks on the beach or swimming. Many individuals simply like listening to the waves crashing on the sand.

Aztec Tattoos

Aztec tattoos are genuine and they symbolize warriors, shamans, or other prominent entities in society’s social position. Tattoos were also utilized by Aztecs as a symbol of affiliation to a certain group or tribe, as well as to highlight accomplishments.

Owl Tattoos

Owl tattoos are linked with wisdom and intelligence, so they would be a good choice for someone who enjoys studying or has recently graduated. These birds are noted for their ability to sight in the dark and are most active at night. As a result, they symbolize the power to overcome adversity or sadness. Owls may also be a protective sign that guides you through a difficult situation.

Roman Numerals Tattoos

Whether it’s a special date or a meaningful tradition, with a Roman numeral chest tattoo, you will permanently mark it into your body. This timeless, traditional design maintains the significance of the numbers near to your heart in the chest and is simple enough to combine with other tattoos.

Anchor Tattoos

The anchor is a traditional tattoo symbol that symbolizes protection and homecoming. This makes it an excellent tattoo for anyone who has recently returned from a long vacation or who lives in a different nation. Anchor tattoos are also a popular choice among men as a tribute to their partner.

Clock Tattoos

Clock tattoos frequently symbolize the delicate balance between life and death. It might also be tattooed to memorialize a loved one’s memory, with the timepiece marking when they died. Alternatively, this might be a moving way to announce a baby’s arrival. Clocks are frequently accompanied by other symbols, such as flowers and trees, which symbolize life, or skulls and flames, which symbolize death.

Realistic Tattoos

Realistic tattoos are becoming increasingly better and better. Tattoos with realism have a lot of potential, demonstrating that ink is now for everyone. Beautiful realistic tattoo designs are making their way into the fine art world.

Joker Tattoos

A Joker tattoo may symbolize the darkest side of life, but it also symbolizes persistence. Joker tattoos can also symbolize living with the darkness that is constantly present in your life, as well as realizing that, as insanely terrible and chaotic as he is, he has a moral code as strong as Batman’s, which requires perfection of himself.

Batman Tattoos

There are many amazing superhero tattoos out there, but out of the many, Batman tattoos are without a question the most popular. They symbolize everything fantastic about comic books and superhero movies, and the majority of Batman tattoo designs are really amazing. These Batman tattoos are representative of someone who is good at the core, has a rough outer shell when needed, and lives their life battling demons.

Octopus Tattoos

An octopus tattoo can represent mystical knowledge, as well as quick thinking and multitasking. This tattoo design is a wonderful symbol for overcoming your fears. The capacity to tap into the danger and strength of this enormous marine creature is one of the best octopus tattoo meanings.

Dog Tattoos

Dogs are often adopted to protect the house from thieves, or wild animals in case of owning an animal farm. Dog tattoos can represent the need for guidance and protection, just like dogs will protect your property from intruders. Dog paws can also represent loyalty and love.

Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoos have been popular for ages and they will remain like so as they symbolize beauty and love, among other things. When coupled with other symbols, it creates a powerful depiction of feelings and importance. You can choose a bright color, such as red or pink, as the final touch to bring the exquisite painting to life.

Japanese Tattoos

Japanese tattoos are quite unique and a cool style, becoming a very popular style among men. This style is eye-catching and fascinating because of its brilliant colors and unique shading.

Patchwork Tattoos

Patchwork tattoos were inspired by quilting patterns in which little pieces of cloth, known as patches, are sewn together. Patchwork tattoos use the same principle. Unlike typical tattoos, they use different images to cover a bodily portion, and there are no fillers between the images.

Funny Tattoos

Who said tattoos can’t be funny? With some creativity you can ink something that will make you and your friends laugh everytime they see that tattoo :D.

Dragonfly Tattoos

Men who appreciate and understand the beauty of change will appreciate dragonfly tattoos. Is anything shaping you as a character, or is it making a difference in your life while changing you as a person? Then you might consider a dragonfly tattoo.

Moon Tattoos

Moon tattoos are one of the unique tattoo designs in the ink art world. The moon is one of the celestial bodies, and they generally symbolize growth and transition.

Mushroom Tattoos

Mushrooms as a tattoo — sounds strange, doesn’t it? Maybe. Strange or not, it looks great and may be a great method to showcase your originality and flaunt your own flair.

Turtle Tattoos

The turtle is regarded as a sign of wisdom and understanding across the world, and it is capable of self-defense. Water, the moon, the Earth, time, immortality, and fertility are all personified by it.

Spider Tattoos

A spider tattoo can represent wisdom, harmony, fertility and balance. Spiders in nature create a variety of unique and beautiful webs to capture their food.

Zeus Tattoos

A Zeus tattoo symbolizes incredible strength and it could also represent the yin/yang qualities that life has.

Deer Tattoo

A deer is a sign of spiritual power, spirituality, and spiritual rejuvenation in many civilizations. In Christian tradition, the deer, for example, represents piety, devotion, and sainthood. The deer, on the other hand, is associated with femininity, elegance, and tenderness in Celtic culture.

Best Locations for Tattoos on Men

Not sure where to get your tattoo? Here are some cool examples from every angle to get your creative juices flowing:

Arm Tattoos

Arm tattoos are definitely the most popular tattoo places for men, because they’re very versatile and you can either hide it or show it to the world as you wish. Better than that, is that the arm is a location of low level of discomfort.

Forearm Tattoos

Forearm tattoos have been very popular for many years since the forearm has ample room for innovative ideas while yet being able to be covered up when needed.

Bicep Tattoos

You muscles ahm? Bicep tattoos is a great option for those who want to flex on their muscles. It’s a good place to attract attention to your body and it can also be covered up with clothes. Although it is not one of the most painful areas, the nerve endings on the underside of the arm might cause more pain. The skin is likewise delicate, but the ink here ages quickly.

Tricep Tattoos

The tricep is another versatile area for a good and creative tattoo. Tricep tattoos are usually more hidden and you can’t see it every day because it will be facing backward, so you may think well before doing it.

Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve tattoos for men are becoming more popular as society accepts body art as a form of self-expression. In reality, a whole sleeve tattoo allows males to create a masterpiece that covers the arm by inking unique, artistic, and badass patterns.

Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoos for men are becoming increasingly popular, although keep in mind that getting a hand tattoo is a lot of commitment. Even if you wear a long-sleeved shirt, your hands will be always visible, unless you use gloves.

Knuckle Tattoos

Wether it’s a word or meaningful symbols, you can tattoo your knuckles to transmit a message once you close the fingers. Bear in mind that if you opt for a word tattoo, you are restricted with 8 characters.

Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are always a versatile and distinctive alternative place for men who desire cool and meaningful ink. Wrist tattoos for men have evolved over time to include a wide spectrum of badass design concepts. In fact, wrist tattoos can have a variety of meanings, and because of their prominence, it’s critical that your design complements your whole appearance.

Chest Tattoos

Chest tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos for men. It’s the ideal location for powerful messages of strength, pride, loyalty, courage, love, and masculinity.

Back Tattoos

If you want to create a big and detailed tattoo design, the back is the best place to start. Back tattoos are great for large artwork, but most people like them because of their size, which allows you to explore with your tattoo without being restricted.

Shoulder Tattoos

The shoulder has always been a favorite tattoo place for men, because the shoulder has long been linked with strength and power. However, just because shoulder tattoos are classic doesn’t mean they can’t be updated with new and intriguing designs.

Face Tattoos

Rappers and celebrities have been increasingly popularizing face tattoos, but the average population remains wary of this. Face tattoos are without a doubt for the brave, because facial tattoos have been historically connected with gangs and inmates.

Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos are for the brave and those who are prepared to get inked on one of the most noticeable and painful places on the body. Neck tattoos for men are hard to cover up or hide and they were once linked with criminals and gangs, although as society evolved they are now connected with boldness, powerfulness, and manly personalities.

Leg Tattoos

Leg tattoos have become one of the most popular and flexible tattoo locations for men. Men have been enjoying lower body tattoos and they have been popular from celebrities to athletes. The nicest thing about a leg tattoo is that it stands out from the crowd while being undetectable under clothing.

Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos are quite unique and there are many design options to fit your creativity. A great advantage is that can be easily hidden but is also visible, allowing you to enjoy your selected design every day.

Tips For When You Get Your First Tattoo

You may feel a lot of mixed feelings before getting your very first tattoo. Whether it is excitement, impatience, or even fear, it’s important that you are confident about the tattoo you’ll be inking. For that reason, let’s dive into the best tips to get your first tattoo and ensure you have a good experience.

Research tattoo ideas and figure out what tattoo you want exactly

Prepare ahead of time by researching design concepts you like and bringing as much reference material as you can to offer an expressive explanation of your tattoo to the artist. Through this process of research, you should think deeply about the meaning of the tattoo for you, to make sure it’s something you can live with for the rest of your life and that’s not something you’ll regret. Take your time and don’t rush the process, it will be worth it 🙂

Find the right tattoo artist

Finding the right tattoo artist is the key, especially when getting your first tattoo. Tattoo artists specialize in different styles of tattoos. After you have done your research on the design, it’s time to pick a tattoo artist that has experience with the style you’re looking for. When doing so, you want to find an artist that has pride in the quality of his work, over how cheap they are. Remember that the tattoo will be on your for the rest of your life, so you don’t want some crappy work.

Be prepared for the day

Besides being prepared with references of what you want for your tattoo, it’s important that you also prepare mentally for the inking process. Make sure you get a good night of sleep, don’t drink the night before, stay hydrated and eat something before the process. Some artists are okay if you bring some snacks to distract yourself while you’re getting inked.

Don’t be afraid to question

Getting a tattoo is a service, like any other, and you’re the customer so it’s normal if you have questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your artist and learn from him. Good tattoo artists listen to you… and they are always open to answering every question you might have and making you comfortable before the moment of inking. If it’s not like that, then you should consider another artist.

Get relaxed

Finally, for an optimal result, you have to relax when sitting in the chair. The quality of the tattoo not only depends on how good the artist is but also on how still you stay and how relaxed you are when getting the tattoo. The tattoo artist will be inking your skin permanently, so help him by staying relaxed and not moving, you’ll see the result will be good.

Best Tips for Your First Tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do tattoos look best on men?

The most popular places for men tattoos are the chest, the back, biceps, upper arm and forearm.

What are the most popular tattoos for men?

The most popular tattoos for men are animal, tribal, skull, lion, wolf, flower, compass and religious.

How painful is getting a tattoo?

Tattooing involves repeatedly piercing the top of your skin with a sharp needle covered with ink. As a result, getting a tattoo is always uncomfortable, however people may feel a different level of pain. The areas with the least fat, the most nerve endings, and the thinnest skin are the most painful to tattoo.

Where do tattoos hurt the least?

The pain of a tattoo varies based on your age, gender, and pain level. The forearm, stomach, and outer thighs are the least painful places to have a tattoo.

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