54 Most Original Thigh Tattoo Ideas of 2023 [Men & Women]

Thighs! Let’s be real, they’re not just for running, sitting, or dancing. They’re this incredible expanse of skin waiting to be adorned, to tell stories, and to ooze style. If you’re flirting with the idea of getting a thigh tattoo or are simply curious about them, you’re in for a thrilling ride. From their history to FAQs, we’ve got it all wrapped up for you. Let’s ink it out!

Thigh Tattoos: A Brief Peek Into History

Many moons ago, our ancestors used tattoos, not just as an art form, but as a language. Tattoos carved on thighs, in particular, often signified bravery in battle or rites of passage.

  1. Tribal Marks: In many tribal cultures, thigh tattoos were symbolic representations of a warrior’s kills or achievements.
  2. Victorian Era Secrets: Many Victorian ladies had tattoos in hidden places, like their thighs, to keep their rebellious side undercover.

Why the Thigh? Benefits Galore!

A question I’ve often pondered, why do so many opt for the thigh?

  • Versatility: From tiny symbols to grand landscapes, it’s your canvas to paint.
  • Less Pain, More Gain: Generally, the pain is less as compared to places like the ribcage.
  • Hide or Flaunt: Show it off in summer shorts or keep it concealed for that secret rebellious touch.

Thigh Tattoos for Women

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Thigh tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among women who appreciate the creative expression of unique tattoo designs but want to be able to cover them up in more formal circumstances. Thigh tattoos on women call for attention to the legs and lower body, and they may be subtle and seductive or bold and stunning. Not only are your thighs one of the greatest places for bigger designs, but they are also low on the tattoo pain scale and easily hidden by clothing if necessary.

Check out our top 20 cutest thigh tattoos for women of 2023:

Sexy Thigh Tattoos

Are you feeling more attractive? Then you should consider a sexy thigh tattoo! The thigh is a seductive area to get a tattoo so consider inking something that can grab attention and that works with the curves of your body. You may even consider a butt tattoo that extends to the thigh.

Small Thigh Tattoos

Small tattoos are becoming quite more popular nowadays among women. It’s also true that small tattoos for women look more attractive, distinctive and fashionable. A small thigh tattoo will look great and you may opt for a rose tattoo, a flower, a moon or even a quote.

Chandelier Thigh Tattoos

Chandelier tattoos are one of the most elaborate and detailed tattoo designs out there. A thigh chandelier tattoo will look great, especially when you use a dress that can reveal it.

Front Thigh Tattoos

The front thigh is a great place to get started in the inking world, because it’s a less painful area on the tattoo pain scale. It’s also a wide area for a larger design, but it can accommodate smaller ones as well. Front thigh tattoos may be great to pair with a dress that can reveal your beautiful tattoo.

Back Thigh Tattoos

A back thigh tattoo is great if you want to bring attention to your lower half. Especially if you enjoy wearing shorts or a tiny skirt, the back thigh tattoo will bring a lot of attention. Ask your artist to follow the curvature of your thigh while putting the tattoo for a pleasing effect, and select a soft and feminine pattern – such as a chandelier of flowers – for a charming and delicate outcome.

Side Thigh Tattoos

While many women select the side of their thigh for a huge, striking tattoo, it’s also an excellent location for a smaller, more subtle design. You may opt for a huge floral design with shading to emphasize your curves, or a linear tattoo to make your legs appear longer. Either way, your body will certainly look sexier with a side thigh tattoo.

Hip and Thigh Tattoos

A hip and thigh tattoo is a sexy choice for ladies who want a bold and sensual tattoo that will surely call for attention. Given the wide area, a larger and more complex tattoo is appropriate, so go for a big floral or chandelier tattoo.

Rose Thigh Tattoos

A rose thigh tattoo is a trending tattoo for women because It’s not just a sexy design for your body but it also offers lots of room for a larger and more complex rose tattoo design. It’s great for the warmer months, a rose thigh tattoo will take your bikini or beach outfit to the next level.

Flower Thigh Tattoos

Flower tattoos are one of the most popular thigh tattoo designs as you might noticed in this article. There are several flowers to pick from, each with its own significance. In general, floral tattoos is associated with beauty, love, and life. The meaning of your selected bloom might vary somewhat, for example, the gladiolus flower is linked with family, whilst the peony is associated with good fortune and honor. Getting a floral tattoo is also a very feminine choice that looks excellent with both large and small tats and black or colorful ink.

Dragonfly Thigh Tattoos

Dragonfly tattoos symbolize rebirth and changes in your life, whether it’s your age change, lifestyle change, or inner awakening for example. Dragonfly tattoos not only have a deep meaning behind them but also they look so beautiful.

Lion Thigh Tattoos

Lion tattoos are still one of the most popular tattoo designs. Strength, power, pride and leadership are all symbols of the lion. The tight maye be a great place for a lion tattoo as you can adapt many different styles and designs.

Butterfly Thigh Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are well-known for their beauty and have become more popular because they have a timeless appeal, everyone adores these lovely critters, and they make excellent tattoos. Butterfly tattoos will make a great addition to your thigh as they will match any dress you might pick.

Snake Thigh Tattoos

Snake tattoos for women have become quite a popular tattoo design because of the lines of a snake’s body are curved and will shape your thigh perfectly to make it more appealing. Snakes are connected with feminine energy, metamorphosis, mystery, and intellect, which contributes to their allure.

Thigh Tattoos for Men

Thigh tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among men who appreciate the creative expression of unique tattoo designs but want to be able to cover them up in more formal circumstances. Thigh tattoos are a very versatile option because there are different parts of the thigh for your tattoo choice.

Check out our 34 favorite thigh tattoos for men for 2023:

Front Thigh Tattoos

The front thigh is a great place to get started in the inking world, because it’s a less painful area on the tattoo pain scale. It’s also a wide area for a larger design, but it can accommodate smaller ones as well. Front thigh tattoos may be great to pair with a dress that can reveal your beautiful tattoo.

Back Thigh Tattoos

A back thigh tattoo is great if you want to bring attention to your lower half. Especially if you enjoy wearing shorts, the back thigh tattoo will bring a lot of attention. Even though back thigh tattoos are less visible to you, they may catch the attention of others. The back of the thigh allows for unique and fantastic tattoos because there is a lot of space to work with.

Side Thigh Tattoos

Side thigh tattoos will for sure look bold and catch attention when you show them off. The side of the thigh is perfect for a narrow and vertical tattoo, whether it’s a larger or smaller tattoo. Narrow tattoos will make your legs appear longer.

Hip and Thigh Tattoos

Of all of the thigh tattoos, a hip and thigh tattoo might be the one that grabs most attention for being a large tattoo allowing for complex designs. There is a lot of room for you to give wings to the creativity. Because it’s such a large space, be prepared for sessions of long hours.

Small Thigh Tattoos

Small tattoos are a great way to get inked without making a huge commitment and since they’re small it’s a great option for your first tattoo. A small thigh tattoo is perfect if you want to add a little something extra to your tattoo collection, or even if you just want a minimal style tattoo. Small tattoos can also be simply covered up if you have a more formal meeting or due to your work policy standards, it’s a good option to keep your tattoo secret.

Mandala Thigh Tattoos

Mandala tattoos are a symbol of balance, eternity, and perfection. Many civilizations have utilized the mandala symbol in their teachings to help people comprehend the concept of balance. A mandala tattoo on the thigh for men may symbolize balance and harmony in your life.

Owl Thigh Tattoos

Owl tattoos are full of meaning as they symbolize wisdom and knowledge. Owls are known for being meticulous hunters with sharp vision and equally excellent hearing, making them also connected with mystery and enigmatic. Owl tattoos may look great both in a small and minimal way but also in large and detailed designs.

Snake Thigh Tattoos

Snake tattoos have been around for decades and because of the long size and the way it can be designed, the thigh is one of the best places to ink it. Snake tattoos are adaptable, stylish, and you have a variety of serpents to select from, so you may pick your favorite.

Lion Thigh Tattoos

Lion tattoos have always been a popular tattoo option among men. It’s not for nothing that they’re known as the King of the Jungle. They’re also instantly recognizable, making them suitable for a wide range of artistic styles, from photorealism to geometric lines.

Wolf Thigh Tattoos

Wolf tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos for men due to their primordial force and powerful ferocity meaning. The wolf also represents the value of loyal allegiances, family, loyalty, and protection. A wolf tattoo will look great on your front thigh because it will fit the space perfectly.

Tribal Thigh Tattoos

Tribal tattoos have a lot of meaning behind them as historically were used to distinguish between local tribes and cultural groupings, as well as to display fighting skills and social position.

Minimalist Thigh Tattoos

In life, simple things are the best and if you believe in that, a minimalist tattoo is a style for you. Minimalist tattoos are all about simplifying the design using lines, minimum shading, and minimal details. Negative space not only adds appeal to your body art, but it also makes it less painful. Another advantage is that the tattoo session will be quicker and less expensive than if the artwork required a lot of detail or color.

Band Thigh Tattoos

Band tattoos can be bold and simple, and the best thing is that they don’t have to have a meaning. Bands just look cool, so whether it mean something or not, it can be an excellent choice. You can also ink a band tribal tattoo that will look unique and awesome.

Cross Thigh Tattoos

Cross tattoos are generally associated with religion and faith, and they are a wonderful way to express your faith. It can also signify Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for the welfare of humanity, and so be connected with unconditional love and devotion.

Rose Thigh Tattoos

Rose tattoos are a common design that symbolizes beauty and balance. The blossom itself is attractive to look at, but the thorns may be dangerous. Rose tattoos may seem more feminine but they can also look delicate and cute to men, especially when coupled with other elements.

Types of Thigh Tattoos: Which One Speaks to You?

The thigh offers a diversity of tattoo styles. Here are some top picks:

  1. Portrait Tattoos: The vast space is ideal for detailed portraits, be it of your favorite artist or a loved one.
  2. Floral Extravaganza: From roses to lilies, the bloom is on!
  3. Abstract Art: For those who like their tattoos as mysterious as their souls.

Inked Trends of 2023: Be in the Know

Ever-evolving, the tattoo world witnesses new trends every year. Here’s what’s hot:

  • Larger than Life Tattoos: Go big or go home seems to be the motto.
  • Black & Grey Realism: Bringing photos to life, one ink at a time.
  • Watercolor Tattoos: For a splash of color and drama.

Caring for Your New Thigh Masterpiece

Post-ink care is paramount. Here’s a cheat sheet:

  1. No Touchy! Resist the urge to scratch or pick.
  2. Moisturize: But with a tattoo-specific lotion.
  3. Sun Protection: Slap on that SPF; UV rays are a tattoo’s worst enemy.

Costing It Out: What’s the Damage?

Ah, the golden question. Tattoos can be an investment.

  • Size Matters: Naturally, a bigger tattoo will cost you more.
  • Color Complexity: A splash of color can add to the cost.
  • Artist’s Experience: You pay for their skill and expertise.

More detailed price insights from Wikipedia.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do thigh tattoos hurt a lot? Not as much as some other areas. Everyone’s pain threshold is different, but many find the experience bearable.
  2. How long does it take to heal? About 2-3 weeks for the outer layer. However, the inner layers can take a few months.
  3. Can I swim after getting a thigh tattoo? Hold off on swimming for at least 4 weeks to prevent infections.
  4. How often should I moisturize my tattoo? At least twice daily, but ensure it’s not overly saturated.
  5. Will weight gain affect my thigh tattoo? Slight changes in weight aren’t a concern, but significant weight fluctuations can affect the tattoo’s appearance.
  6. Are there any risks associated with thigh tattoos? Like all tattoos, there’s a risk of infection or allergic reactions. Always get inked from a reputable studio.

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