This 3D Printed Curtain Shaped Walls Looks Unreal

The latest project by SWNA Design Studio, based in Seoul, is an installation of fully 3D printed self-supporting concrete walls placed at Gwangju Design Center in South Korea. It’s meant to explore the boundaries of large scale 3D printing technology with concrete in architecture and, in this case, art.

As they put it, “inspired by wind blowing curtains, the installation is made of 3D printers. Made for Gwangju Design Center in Korea. Pleat the bottom so that the concrete can stand on its own as if a windy curtain was intended. The significance of the material and the possibility of concrete printing were tested.”

The characteristic texture is the result of the process of 3D printing itself, layer by layer, resulting in this amazing shape, designed and thought not to hide its origins but to embrace them.

This 3D printed curtain shaped wall look unreal
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