Top 5 Mice to Match Your Incredible Setup

We’ve already covered some great looking keyboards you could get to boost your setup. In this quick post we gather the best looking, best performance, best overall mice for the gaming or productivity. There was no real determination of what should and should not enter this list at first, we simply collected the ones we knew you would like for sure. What made it to the list are the most impressive mice we found with focus on looks and build quality, with no real budget.

This is not a guide for a professional gamer nor a designer but these keyboards won’t let anyone down as most of them feature high quality mechanical sensors, bluetooth or wired connectivity. If you are aiming to buy any of these, open the links and do a deeper search on what they offer, as we will only take on a superficial look into them. Let’s get into it.

top 5 mice to match your incredible setup

Logitech MX Master 3
This is a personal favourite. Always loved the Logitech’s MX line and the latest mouse is rocking ahead of the competition. This new version takes the best things from the previous and simply boosts it. It is wireless and you can charge its batterty using a USB-C cable in a few minutes and you wont have to worry about it for months. A top feature is its ability to connect simultaniously to several devices and switch between them seaminglessly. It is not ambidextrous though, so you can only use it if you are right-handed.

top 5 mice to match your incredible setup

Apple Magic Mouse 2
There is always room for the Apple classic. Face it, like it or not, it is a clever, simple design that simply can’t fail. It may be unpractical for some, with claw grips with its low profile but it is sure to look good in your desk. “However, the downside is that it’s perhaps a little over-sensitive at times. The multi-touch area on the top of the mouse, which lets you scroll in any direction, can sometimes become frustrating when you want to keep your finger in the same place for a long period of time.”

top 5 mice to match your incredible setup

Microsoft Surface Mouse
This mouse falls on the same “problem” the previous Magic Mouse does, it’s not the most ergonomical one. It is not the mouse you would use for a 35 hour week of work perhaps, but it sure is a great looking mouse with great build quality. It’s design (as the name suggests) was thought out to match the Microsoft’s Surface line of products in it’s simplicity and elegance.

top 5 mice to match your incredible setup

Logitech G502 Lightspeed
The one for the gamers. This is probably the best gaming mouse out there right now. It is somewhat costly but if the price tag is not an issue, this mouse will top the specs you need for the best gaming experience. This “Lightspeed” version is the improvement on the already top of its class G502 Proteus Spectrum. Now you can use it wired or simply use the wire to charge it and rely on the toggle to be more practical on top of your desk. It comes with some programmable buttons as well as weights you can use to better suite your play style. And of course the RGB lighting that just cant miss in any gamming gear, also programmable with a few styles.

top 5 mice to match your incredible setup

Lofree Mouse
We simply fell in love with this one. It has no particular reason to get a top spot on this list but it simply does. It is not the most reliable, it is not the fastest, not the highest quality materials in it’s construction as well, but it looks amazing in our eyes. This may be a question of taste, but we had to share this amazing desing with you!

We also got 3 honorable mentions here:
For the Ergonomics freak: Logitech MX Vertical
For the Transformers lovers: Any Mad Catz Mouse
For the Different: Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse


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