Top Google Fonts Combinations

Google has gifted designers with hundreds of different fonts to use completely for free. The only trouble with having hundreds of great fonts for free is choosing which one you like and use on your projects!

Here are our favourite Google Fonts combinations. If you recommend any others be sure to leave them in the comments below and we’ll feature them in a new post!

Playfair Display + Domine

top google fonts combinations

This is the perfect classy combination, Playfair Display with Domine make a stunning pair. Playfair Display is perfect for big bold titles whilst Domine is ideal for copy for it’s very easy-to-read aspect.

Montserrat + Open Sans

top google fonts combinations

Montserrat is one of the best fonts for headings. It has an blocky look to it that commands attention and looks classy. Using Open Sans with Montserrat works because of the simplicity of the first.

Fjalla One + Open Sans

top google fonts combinations

This two work great together because of the disparity in their characteristics. while the first is perfect for headings because of its imposing and tall appearance, the other contrasts with its simple features and smooth curves.

Raleway + Roboto

top google fonts combinations

When showcasing products it’s always a good idea to go with fonts that are good at showing confidence and security. Raleway and Roboto do just that. Both fonts come in an array of different weights but Raleway is fantastic when used solely in regular uppercase.

Oswald + Roboto

top google fonts combinations

Like Fjalla One and Open Sans, this two are a good example of contrasting minimalist fonts you can use to catch the users attention and give some great readability


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